Your privacy is important to us. So we decided Privacy Policy and make a great effort to protect your personal information.
We put into practice as below recognizing that it is important to protect all information by which customer can be identified (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") appropriately.

1) Collecting, using, providing, and depositing Personal Information
Collecting, using, and depositing Personal Information against the intention of the person would be a violation of the rights and the company will lose the trust of the public figure as they are. Thus, we stipulate management rule of collecting, using, and depositing Personal Information, and we properly control the use thereof.
When we collect Personal Information, we explain our purposes and our information counter, and collect bare essentials we need.
We use your personal information only for the purposes that we explained in advance. We shall never disclose and provide Personal Information without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customer except for complying with legal requirements. If we provide Personal Information to our contractors, we will supervise such contractors requiring them to handle Personal Information appropriately with nondisclosure agreement.
2) Prevention of Personal Information from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage
We take security measures against unauthorized access and virus to protect Personal Information from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage etc.
3) Compliance
We comply with related laws and regulations of Personal Information.
We educate employee including executives about compliance.
We make our Compliance Program, and continue to its operation and improvement.
4) Introduce
We sometimes use Personal Information to send e-mails or postal matters introducing our services and products.
If you don't need such information, please inform us by sending e-mail from contact form below.
5) Inquiries, questions and suggestions
If you have any inquiries, questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, please inform us by sending e-mail from contact form.

Tounetsu Co., Ltd
President, CEO
Kiyata Mochizuki