Aluminum Solution / Aging Furnace

Description Various heat treatment of aluminum products
Furnace Advantages ・An electric batch furnace capable of solution treatment and aging treatment of aluminum parts with a single unit.
・This can control temperature at 500℃±2.0℃ and 200℃±5.0℃. (in a condition of empty furnace)
・This is a highly responsive model. Temperature can be restored from 460℃ to 500℃ and from 70℃ to 500℃ in 20 mins during continuous operation. (in a condition of empty furnace)

Specifications example

【Temp.】 Commonly uses 550℃ (max 600℃)


【Processing air】 Atmosphere

【Size】 Furnace effective dim.:W600×D800×H600
         Outside dim.:W2500×D4100×H3600


A water tank for quenching and a work conveying device are set in front of a furnace body.

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