Stalkless Fixed Metal Level Type Three Chamber LP Furnace (ALST)

Next-Generation Three Chamber LP with advantages of existing two chamber LP.
Metal loss, Cleaning Frequency and Running Cost can be reduced.

Description Holding Molten Aluminum, Pressurizing
(Holding furnace for LP casting machines)
Furnace Advantages ・High advanced LP holding furnace with three chamber structure.
・Better oxide suppression compared to Two chamber LP furnace.
・Stalk-less structure contributes to reduce the running cost.

【3 Chamber Structure (Holding Chamber + Pressure Chamber + Discharge Chamber) 】
Fix level two chamber furnace evolved in to three chamber structure.
Pressure chamber has been subdivided in to pressure chamber and discharge chamber.
Each chamber has been successfully downsized to further reduce the amount of oxides generated on walls and molten metal surface.

【Stalk-less System】
Three chamber structure enables molten metal to be directly discharged into the mold, eliminating the need for consumable stalks.
In addition, it can keep the molten metal level in a higher position, which contributes to reducing the cost of mold preheating and stabilizing casting conditions.
  • Ceramic level sensor (Pressure Chamber ・Holding Chamber)
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Fire resistant fiber
  • Degassing Unit (Pipe type, Rotate type)
  • Heat Source (Electric Heater, Gas Burner)
  • Cleaning equipment


More than 100 units delivered in japan and overseas
※Some options may not be applicable due to the size and shape of the furnace.

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