Fixed Metal Level Type Two Chamber LP Furnace

ALUNDER two chamber type.
Improve production efficiency by separated two chamber structure.
Designed to ensure metal quality particular concern in low pressure casting.

Description Holding Molten Aluminum, Pressurizing
(Holding furnace for LP casting machines)
Furnace Advantages ・Original fine ceramic stopper rod is used to realize separate two chamber structure. Molten aluminum can be refilled without stopping casting. Improved molten metal quality.
・Stable pressure control is possible by controlling metal level using fine ceramic level sensor.

【Fine Ceramic Stopper Rod】
Ceramic stopper rod can be used in high temperature molten metal. The stopper prevents the inflow of oxide on the furnace surface and bottom by plugging it in liquid.
It also prevents molten metal flowing back the holding chamber during pressurization.

【Two Chamber Structure (Holding Chamber + Pressure Chamber) 】
The conventional holding furnace is divided into holding chamber and pressure chamber with its own role. Since each chambers are separated by ceramic stopper rod, molten aluminum can be supplied constantly.
Production volume can be increased by continuous casting.
Since the heat source is installed in each chamber, there is no risk of temperature drops due to casting or molten metal charging.

【Ceramic Level Sensor】
The aluminum-resistant sensor keeps the pressurized molten metal level at a constant height, contributing to stable pressure control with no change in pressurized volume.

【Improve molten metal quality】
The contamination rate is reduced by two chamber structure. In addition, degassing device(optional) can be installed in holding chamber for further improvements.
  • Ceramic level sensor (Pressure Chamber ・Holding Chamber)
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Fire resistant fiber
  • Degassing Unit (Pipe type, Rotate type)
  • Heat Source (Electric Heater, Gas Burner)
  • Cleaning equipment


More than 800 units delivered in japan and overseas.
※Some options may not be applicable due to the size and shape of the furnace.

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