Horizontal Replacing Type Vacuum Dewaxing Furnace (CAHDF)

Description ・Dewaxing and pre-sintering of cemented carbides and other materials ina clean atmosphere.
・Dewaxing treatment in inert gas or hydrogen gas atmosphere.
Furnace Advantages ・Vacuum gas displacement type external heat furnace with metal core tube and no structure such as heat insulator or heat element in the work zone.
・Dewaxing components are not absorbed or left in the furnace, and a clean furnace atmosphere can be maintained continuously.
・Safe processing in a hydrogen gas atmospheric pressure flow.
・Dewaxing in a inert gas atmospheric flow.
・High collection rate is used for wax trap.

Specifications example

【Heat treatment temperature】800℃

【Atmosphere】 Atmospheric flow with inert gas and hydrogen gas.

【Effective Sizes】W150×H150×L300 (mm) ~ W400×H400×L800 (mm)

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