Horizontal Immersion type Holding Furnace (AL-UNDER)

Designed for a total facility environment by adopting immersion heating system. ( Under Heater )
More accurate molten metal temperature control is possible.

Description Holding molten aluminum
(Holding furnace for gravity and high pressure diecasting machines)
Furnace Advantages ・Uniform temperature throughout the aluminum bath by using Under Heater System.
・Accommodate particular shapes by using Castable Bath.

【 Under Heater 】
Metal temperature can be uniformed by generating convection through deep positioned under heating system. Compared with radiant heaters and burners, ambient temperature can be kept lower, which reduced running cost and oxides.

【 Castable Bath 】
Accommodate particular shapes by using cast in place refractory castable. Long life than board bath type.
  • Ceramic Level Sensor
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Fire resistant fiber
  • Degassing Unit (Pipe type, Rotate type)
  • Heat Source (Electric Heater, Gas Burner)
  • Cleaning equipment



Type AL Volume Ladle Chamber Size Ladle Chamber Depth Outline Dimension Maximum Feeding Volume Heater Output
kg mm mm mm kg kW
HP-1600 *1 1600 570×570 630 2460×1470 750 24(12×2 units)
HP-2200 *2 2200 680×680 710 2830×1470 1100 36(12×3 units)
HP-3200 *3 3200 760×760 760 3060×1470 1500 45(15×3 units)



More than 1000 units delivered in japan and overseas.
※Some options may not be applicable due to the size and shape of the furnace.
*1:Compitible with 10kg ladle.
*2:Compitible with 15kg ladle.
*3:Compitible with 20kg ladle.

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