Melting and Holding Furnace (Melting-Gas、Holding-Heater)

Medium sized melting furnace up to 1000kg/h of melting rate.
Gas burner type melting function is added to the under heater type holding furnace. (AL-UNDER)

Description Melting AL ingots and holding molten aluminum.
Furnace Advantages The under heater is used as the heat source for holding molten metal, which contributes to reducing oxides and improving molten metal quality.

【Under Heater】
Metal temperature can be uniformed by generating convection through deep positioned under heating system.
Compared with radiant heaters and burners, ambient temperature can be kept lower, which reduced running cost and oxides.
  • Ceramic Level Sensor
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Fire resistant fiber
  • Degassing Unit (Pipe type, Rotate type)
  • Heat Source (Heater, Burner)
  • Cleaning equipment


※Some options may not be applicable due to the size and shape of the furnace.

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