Non-Oxidizing Melting System (YUKAI)

Carbon neutral compatible products.
Modern melting furnace that can drastically reduce oxides by utilizing our under heating technology.
Improved running cost, metal loss, molten metal quality and working environment compared to conventional tower type melter.

Description Melting AL ingots and holding molten aluminum.
Furnace Advantages ・Less than 1% of metal wastage (only aluminum ingots are used), and making running cost reduction possible.
・Improve metal quality by melt in liquid method and non-oxide heating environment.
・High efficient immersion burner and heater. (Selectable)
・Improve melting efficiency by using waste heat for ingot preheating.
・Can be designed as two chamber LP furnace with melting function.

【Melt in Liquid Method】
By melting ingots in molten metal, the amount of oxide generation is drastically reduced compared to tower type melting.

【Non-oxidizing heating system】
Enclosed melting chamber shutting out the air that causes of oxidation.
Significantly reduces the risk of oxide generation due to molten metal boundary and atmosphere temperature rise.

【High Efficiency Immersed Heater】
New designed high efficiency heater has no CO₂ emissions.

【High Efficiency Immersed Burner】
New designed high efficiency burner has 70~75% of thermal efficiency. (Internal test value)

EV:Highly efficient heating improves heat transfer during preheating.
GAS:Exhaust gas of the burner is used for ingot preheating to support melting capacity and increase thermal efficiency.
  • Ceramic Level Sensor
  • Automatic Open / Close Lid (Electric or Pneumatic)
  • Ceramic Filter
  • Fire resistant fiber
  • Degassing Unit (Pipe type, Rotate type)
  • Heat Source (Heater, Burner)
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Ingot feeding device


Exhibited in 2022 Japan Die Casting Exhibition.
※Some options may not be applicable due to the size and shape of the furnace.

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