Vacuum & Pressure Sintering Ultra Rapid Cooling Furnace (CAVPQ)

Description Sintering and rapid gas cooling treatment of metal powder injection molded products, magnetic materials, Cemented carbides, Ferrous metals, Nonferrous metals and Ceramics.
Furnace Advantages ・A vertical, single-chamber furnace with a heating zone at the top and cooling zone at the bottom.
・The workpiece heated to 1500℃ can be immediately moved down to the cooling zone and gas pressure fan cooling is possible.
・The workpiece is heat treated from sintering to cooling in a single chamber movement.
・A clean processing atmosphere with high energy efficiency is achieved by using Tounetsu original vertical heating chamber.

Specifications example

【Possible heat treatment temperature】1500℃

"Decompression Control"
"Atmospheric pressure flow"
"Gas pressure control (Max;1MPa(abs))"

【Effective treatment zone size】φ250×H250 (mm)

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