Ultra-High Temperature Vacuum and Pressure Heat Treatment Furnace (CAVPHTF)

Description ・Sintering of ceramic materials and other materials that require ultra-high temperature(2200℃) processing is performed in a clean atmosphere.
・Ultra-high temperature sintering in "Vacuum" "Decompression Control" "Atmospheric pressure flow" "Gas pressure control" atmosphere.
Furnace Advantages ・Realization of ultra-high temperature sintering under vacuum, reduced pressure, atmospheric pressure and gas pressurized atmosphere with high energy efficiency.
・Continuous temperature control from room temperature to 2200℃ is realized by using our original thermocouple for ultra-high temperature. (No need to equip radiation thermometer)
・Improved repeatability of processing temperature.
・The unique structure of the furnace body(upper shell + heat insulation layer + heating element) which rises and falls, enables convenient insertion and removal of workpieces from three dimensions.
・Uniformed and efficient cooling is possible by gas convection which advantage of the vertical structure.

Specifications example

【Heat treatment temperature】2200℃

"Decompression Control"
"Atmospheric pressure flow"
"Gas pressure control (Max;1MPa(abs))"

【Effective Sizes】φ150×H150 (mm) ~ φ400×H600 (mm)

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