High Temperature Ceramic Sintering Furnace

Description ・Dewaxing and sintering of ceramic materials that require high temperature treatment.
・Dewaxing in a "Vacuum" "Decompression control" "Atmospheric flow" atmosphere.
・Sintering in a "Vacuum" "Decompression control" "Atmospheric flow" "Gas pressure" atmosphere.
Furnace Advantages ・The furnace material consists of a carbon heater, carbon insulation, and CIP components.
・An optical thermometer is used to measure the temperature.
・Efficient cooling by natural convection utilizing the characteristics of the vertical structure.
※No need of forced convection cooling with huge fans(energy saving)
・A rapid cooling system with an in-furnace heat exchanger can be installed.
・Adopted for the manufacturing of SiC protection tubes used in our aluminum furnaces.

Specifications example

【Heat treatment temperature】2000℃

"Decompression Control"
"Atmospheric pressure flow"
"Gas pressure control (Max;1MPa(abs))"

【Effective sizes】Maxφ800×H2850 (mm)

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